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How to write the letter to the Magi

How to write the letter to the Magi

write Letter to the Magi It is completely essential. If you want to make sure you get those gifts you want both, you must notify authorities in writing to the Three Kings. On 6 January is the key day. So prepare your writing, Give it in hand to a royal page or, even better, one of the three Kings. The cavalcade of Day 5, if organized one in your city, it is an excellent opportunity to do so. So here are some tips for this step is the most effective!

Steps to follow:1

Ask your parents, or a brother or greater (or an adult you trust), to help you and give you a pen with notepaper and envelope sister. In case you do not know to write, you ask them to do for you. This is serious!


Think of all those gifts that make you special pleasure to receive, those who intensely want to meet the morning of January 6th. You'll have to describe them. Specifies color, shape, function, etc. Do not let any details because the Kings have a lot of work and if you give them concrete. If you prefer, a tip is cut pictures from a catalog from a department store and stick them next. So there will be no doubt 😉


Remember also that the Kings have to give gifts to children muuchos, so you may not receive exactly what you write. Be selective and choose your favorite!


Begins the letter with a "Dear wise men". It is important to always greet the start. Explain that you've been good all year (they know the truth, but it may well realize that your intention was good).


Ask them to bring "Gifts you like for me, please". You will give freedom of choice and is a sign of respect for them. Kings like the protocol and good manners! Before saying goodbye, also he adds: Thank you for being so generous. This shows that you trust them and believe in their good final choice.


Having made your proposal toys, costumes, video games, etc. ends the letter: "Sincerely + your name".


Finally, make sure the letter reaches its destination. Ask an adult to convey the overcoat. As we discussed, it would be safer if you yourself deliver them or you were the witness how someone in your family does. You can propose home!


It is done! Now we just wait. Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar put hands to work to give you what you like. But he also thinks they know you well, so if you get coal, Do not be surprised! :-OR

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