Putting an ad in Wallapop

Putting an ad in Wallapop

If you have products in your home that you no longer use, why did you sell? there are several platforms sale of resale, such as eBay, but there are many who come stomping like Wallapop. The latter is a mobile and free application. In UnComo.com We will explain how to place an ad in Wallapop.

Steps to follow:1

To know how to place an ad in Wallapop, First, you must download the application and register the application: it's free. You can link to an email address or even your Facebook account.


Then set the Wallapop profile. Note that the most important thing is the location because it will find you and sell your items more easily.


For put an ad in Wallapop you must click on the icon that looks like a camera with the plus. This serves to start selling.