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How to celebrate the Silver Jubilee

How to celebrate the Silver Jubilee

The Silver weddings is a anniversary very special in which marriage turns 25 years of marriage. It is without doubt one of the most emotional anniversaries along with the Golden Jubilee perhaps why we feel like celebrating in style. In order to make a good anniversary, we can come in handy these tips to try to teach unComo how to celebrate the Silver Jubilee.

Steps to follow:1

If we plan to make another ceremony with family and friends, the ideal is to make a ceremony renewal of marriage vows. We can talk to the pastor who married us or opt for something more intimate, a celebration led by a son or relative who also can dedicate a few words of affection for the couple.


Celebrating the Silver Jubilee does not mean spending large amounts of money. We can obviously choose a great restaurant, but the truth is that if we have a cozy and spacious house, our celebration You can move there without any problem.


Marriage should also prepare some kind words. A speech that can extol the love they feel for each other. A love that has grown and has remained constant over the 25 years of marriage.


While gifts are not required, the truth is it can be a good idea to buy something related to the Silver Jubilee. It is an ideal time to Buy jewelry of this material or perhaps a silver plate where enrollment remember this special date for marriage.


When the toast is one of the most emotional celebration, therefore the person in charge try to do perform best speeches, brief but endearing.


In this celebration will not take place first dance married, as evident. Still, dancing at celebrations of the Silver Jubilee is a beautiful moment that you can also share with the children, the fruit of that happy marriage.


While we enjoyed the meal or dessert, we can make a montage in which the wedding photos and video look, sure many are surprised to be 25 years younger.

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