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Mitt Romney: Seven Rules that Can Revive the Economy

One of Mitt Romney’s talking points is that he is a proven “turn-around” expert.  ???He was a player at Bain Capital, which specializes in healing sick companies and turning around undervalued assets.  He rescued the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics,  he turned around Massachusetts as its governor, and now he’s ready to tackle the U.S. economy.

mitt romney mormonRomney claims that to effect a turn-around, one has to focus on it completely.  Instead of focusing on the economy, President Obama focused on healthcare, and he missed the boat on economic recovery.

Romney laid out his seven rules for a healthy economy for Business Insider Magazine. (To see the article, click here.)

1.  Lower employer tax rates — America’s are now the second highest in the world.

2.  Streamline regulations and make sure the bureaucracy can work with the private sector.

3.  Embrace fair-trade policies, and punish infractions, such as China’s undervalued currency and piracy.

4.  Reform energy policy.  The U.S. shouldn’t be importing energy.

5.  Establish an unquestioned rule of law.

6.  Establish extraordinary human capital by reforming immigration and education policies.

7.  A government must not spend more than it brings in.

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