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Planting aloe vera

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The first thing to keep in mind when planting aloe vera is the time and weather. These plants require a place that is neither too wet nor too cold. Therefore, the ideal is to plant it in a or terracotta clay pot porous. Also, the best time of year to do is fall or spring.

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The best way to plant aloe vera is from one of the outbreaks or children of an adult plant. You know that without roots or seeds thereof, it is not possible to generate a new one. Aloe vera seeds are harder to get, so the best option is to do so by one of the children. To do this, placed at the base of the pot one drainage gravel about two fingers high to ensure that it will grow in the most optimal conditions for it.


Then you need to add common garden soil and peat in equal parts. also adds, never chemical compost. If you have a mature plant and it is from here that want to get the children, first of all identify. Outbreaks are those that have grown around the mother plant, they are smaller (must be between 15 and 20 cm). Remove the plant from the pot, select one of the children, Grab all its leaves and with a butter knife to avoid damaging the plant begins to cut very carefully.


It is very important that you do not damage the root of the outbreak, since it constitutes the main part so it can grow a new plant. When you have it, you should just put it in the pot and ground cover plant until the birth of the leaves. It is advisable to start watering past two weeks from planting. In this article we tell you how to care for aloe vera plant so that you know the frequency with which you must water it.

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You must ensure that the mother plant is aloe vera and no other variants of aloe, since they do not have medicinal and cosmetic properties of the first. It is advisable to leave the new plant in a place where it sunlight and, if possible, be somewhat moist. During the first stage of planting, growth humidity favors therefore not be left in a cool place.


Note that when the plant is adult (between two and five years after it is planted) must separate the mother of the children and repeat this process to play. And if instead of a pot you want to plant aloe vera in your garden, it is important to leave a gap between plants two meters to prevent their roots intertwine.


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  • If you have aloe vera seeds, you should know that land preparation is the same as planting from sprouts.