How to type or crossed out

How to type or crossed out

The or bar wave or crossed out a vowel is used in some Languages such as Danish, Faroese, Norwegian or ancient Basque. Normally, keyboards computer They do not include a key to this script, so it can be difficult to find time to write. But this does not mean it is impossible to insert into a computer document, it is necessary to know what coding use to display it. Thus, in unComo we explain in detail how to type or crossed out.

Write or crossed out in Windows

As with many other symbols and letters that do not have their own key to be written such as the cedilla (ç) in Windows it is possible to write or crossed out by pressing the 'Alt' key -situated before the spacebar - followed by a numeric code:

  • ALT + 0248 to write or crossed out tiny (or)
  • ALT + 0216 to write uppercase or crossed out (OR)

Write or crossed out on Macintosh

In case you want write or crossed on a Mac, you will need to combine the keys:

  • ⌥ Opt + or (lowercase)
  • ⌥ Opt + O (uppercase)

Write HTML or strike out

The HTML codes to insert or crossed or or bar are:

  • ø (lowercase)
  • Ø (uppercase)

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