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What is the difference between moisturizers and nutrients

What is the difference between moisturizers and nutrients

When we bought creams to care for and moisturize our face, it is important to consider various factors, and also that not all skins are the same (normal, dry, mixed or fat), each age also requires a different hydration. In this article we talk about unComo moisturizers and nutritive two cosmetics with specific characteristics that should know if we use them correctly and, especially, be clear about what skins can be applied. Read the next lines and discover What is the difference between moisturizing creams and nutritious.


The moisturizers are those lotions that provide an extra water to the skin, allowing this to recover any lost moisture and does not dry out so easily. Also they form a protective film on the dermis that fully protect all environmental factors that damage can reach and affect his good looks, like the sun, cold or wind.

It is recommended all apply moisturizers for the day and preferably just before leaving home for protection to take effect. Just do not you forget that the cream should always extend over a good skin clean and free of debris, so it is better to use it after your daily facial cleansing routine.

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nourishing creams

Unlike moisturizers, nourishing creams should be apply at night, since its main task is to regenerate and renew the skin completely while you rest. Such creams provide skin lipids, which they are a kind of fat which acts as an energy reserve that allows cell regeneration of the dermis, which is essential to prevent aging and wrinkling. That is why its use is highly recommended, especially for dry and mature skin. On the contrary, they are not recommended in very young, oily or prone to acne because it could worsen the skin problem and accentuate the appearance of pimples and other imperfections.

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