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Preventing gassy vegetables

Preventing gassy vegetables

Legumes They are one of the most nutritious food groups, providing a significant amount of iron, minerals and vitamins and becoming an excellent source of carbohydrates for our body. But despite all these advantages, lentils, chickpeas, beans, and other legumes, have a side effect often annoying and unpleasant: abdominal bloating and gas, which causes some people to limit their consumption to the maximum. If you want to know how to prevent gassy vegetables keep reading, because in unComo.com we explain all the tricks to get it.

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We know that vegetables are heavy and responsible for our end inflamed stomach and gases, this is due to oligosaccharides a group of indigestible molecules present in these foods, rather than regularly digest, they remain accumulated in the large intestine where they are fermented by bacteria in this area. All this not only increasing the presence of gases but also it accentuates the fetid smell of them, which can become an even more uncomfortable condition.


There are vegetables that cause less and less gas abdominal inflammation, such as lentils, and others produce much more discomfort as beans, chickpeas or beans or beans. Alternate them in our diet and consume in moderation It is especially important for those with stomach and intestinal problems, slow and heavy digestions and excess gas.


However How to prevent gassy vegetables? The key is some tricks while cooking, if not well end up completely with this characteristic of these foods itself can greatly reduce intestinal discomfort they cause.

An excellent alternative is to add to cooking some vegetables spices and herbs to facilitate digestion while they are giving it a delicious taste. Some excellent choices are:

  • Cumin, combining great with beans and lentils.
  • Fennel, which brings a very fresh touch to any stew with this food.
  • Thyme, very popular in the kitchen helps facilitate digestion of legumes.
  • Rosemary, perfect if you usually prepare these dishes with meat.

Besides serving to provide taste to the preparation will help make the lighter digestion, reducing the presence of gases.