How are called the inhabitants of Luxembourg

How are called the inhabitants of Luxembourg

He Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, better known simply as Luxembourg, in a small country located in Central Europe has, just, with just over 500,000 inhabitants. This nation, which is part of the European Union, is currently the only sovereign duchy in the world, with the parliamentary monarchy as a form of government. You ask yourself How are called the inhabitants of Luxembourg? In we explain.

Gentilicio Luxembourg

The Luxembourg inhabitants called Luxembourgers, Luxembourg being male and female Luxembourg. In this country, which was a colony of Belgium until 1867, three languages ​​officially spoken: Luxembourgish, French and German. A curious fact about this country is that over the last 30 years has increased its population by about 100,000 inhabitants thanks to immigration, the Portuguese inhabitants and French are the two most prominent form the majority of immigrants.

Where does the name of Luxembourg?

The name of Luxembourg It consists of two words with different backgrounds, a sample of the many cultures that have converged on this small territory. Luxembourg is made up lucilem the Celtic word meaning small, next to the word of Germanic origin burrugh, which means castle.

Together gave rise to the current name Lucilem-Burrugh which means small castle. This term eventually evolved into the name we know today.

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