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Mormon Mitt Romney Comes Forward to Speak

Mormon and former presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, has been quiet since his concession speech right after Barack Obama won the 2012 election.  He was restored to his position on the board of Marriott International, but other than that, it seems he has been resting and enjoying his family at his home in San Diego, California, after several years of exhausting campaigning and organizing.  Now, he has accepted invitations to speak in public.  This comes at a time when the government is on the brink of forced cut-backs due to a stalemate in Washington, D.C. over the budget deficit.  Those who voted for Romney wish he were at the helm to fix the crisis, even if it is just to infuse new blood, new energy, and new ideas into a frozen government that is continuing where it left off.

Romney will give his first post-election interview to Chris Wallace of Fox News at the end of February, 2013.  “Wallace says he’ll ask Romney how he has dealt with the defeat, what he plans to do and his thoughts about President Barack Obama’s second-term agenda.” [1]

Mitt Romney MormonMormon Mitt Romney will also speak on March 15, 2013,  at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, an annual event that draws leading Republican voices.  With the populace of the U.S. trending toward the left with larger government, more social services, and more liberal moral policies, the Republican party has been left to introspection on where it might go to attract votes in the future.  The Catholic Church published very strong ads during the campaign urging Catholics to make the moral choice and vote with their religious conscience.  However, the powerful Latino vote, with its huge Catholic representation, did not do so, voting instead for liberal views on immigration and more government benefits.  Black Christians mostly voted for race rather than moral stance.  The Republican party, with it’s very powerful religious right constituency, finds that its platform based on strong family values, pro-life ideals, and traditional marriage views, small government, and states’ power is becoming outdated.

For most Mormons, this experience has been jarring.  The Book of Mormon is a history, both religious and secular, of a society of people who lived in the Americas from 600 BC to 400 AD.  It begins with an Israelite family (led by a prophet) leaving Jerusalem just before the city was overrun by the Babylonians, and it ends in the total destruction of the “Nephite” people, because of their wickedness.  During the thousand year history we see societies rise and fall, live in freedom or lose their freedom.  At times the laws of the land become completely corrupted, because of the choices of a wicked majority who ignore the laws of God.  Sometimes, reading the Book of Mormon is like reading the newspaper.  It is almost like the ancient record superimposes itself upon current events, and that does not bode well for the nation.  Mormons are not all Republicans, but all do see that solid family ideals are important for America, as are sound fiscal decisions; that debt is a black hole; that the dole does not create a self-reliant people.  It will be interesting to hear what Mormon Mitt Romney has to say about these things.

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