Getting to know the calls of oppositions

Getting to know the calls of oppositionsSource: oposicionessecundaria.infoSteps to follow:1

Read websites specialize in finding calls. There are many such as Public Employment Search Oppositions, Opobusca and, among others. You can search the calls for opposition to municipal, provincial, regional, national and European level, search by province or professional area, educational level and other parameters.


You can check the websites of the specialized publishers in syllabi to prepare oppositions, which almost always include a search of calls and allow you to subscribe to email newsletters that automatically alert you of those oppositions that interest you. Examples include websites Editorial MAD or Cen Oppositions.


The online job portals, as Infojobs, and also offer the ability to search notices of competition and create custom email alerts.


If you want to introduce yourself to a call specifically, for example, Justice, you can directly check the website responsible for convoking body, in this case the Ministry, which includes information on calls for public employment, for transfers and personnel acting in their case and general information on public employment.


Use the BOE la carte service, available on the website State official newsletter, with which you can configure to your liking alerts to be aware of the opposition that interest you. You must pre-register or sign in using your Google, Facebook or Twitter. Similarly, you can query and configure automatic notices on the websites of the official gazettes of your Autonomous Community, Provincial or City Council.

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