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How to make a vampire costume

How to make a vampire costume

Become vamp for one night it is one of the classic costumes Halloween, an idea that never gets old and you can do at home following a few simple steps and without spending much money. This costume is also great to use a couple if your guy is encouraged to also be a vampire, so in unComo.com we invite you to dress up with this great Halloween costume and spend a terrifying and very fun night. Discover how to make a vampire costume of simply reading this article.

Steps to follow:1

Make a female vampire costume at home it is very simple, but also does not require much budget. For this costume Halloween, You need a black dress or a shirt and a black skirt that together look like a dress. You can opt for a long or short dress, both options are used.

If you want to go comfortably, you can CalzArte some flat shoes, but if what you want is to give your costume a very feminine and seductive touch, we recommend you to take some heels. This will be the perfect outfit for a look terrifying and sensual vamp.


To give a more realistic touch to your Halloween vampire costume, you will need to a Cape that makes you look like a queen of the underworld.

If you have a layer in great house, but only you can make yourself very easily and following the pattern attached. You'll need a web in purple, burgundy or red wine, three colors that will go great with your outfit vamp. It is recommended to choose velvet or similar textile fabric as this will give your costume a look aged to make it much more real and authentic.