How to free up space on my iPhone 6

How to free up space on my iPhone 6

The latest iOS updates have eaten a lot of space in iPhone, which has generated complaints from users. If you are someone who has your smartphone loaded with apps, music and photos, you sure the system message that the phone is almost full has come to appear. Also, you should know that a mobile that is about to run out of space causes the applications and performance generally slower than normal. In unComo.com we give answer to the question of how to free up space on my iPhone 6.

Steps to follow:1

For expediting the Use your iPhone 6, a good way is to learn to free up space on the device. To do this you must phone brand just click on the Settings application, and then in the General section.


Then navigate to find use. This is where you know specifically how much disk occupied and how much you have free. And you can see what applications take up more, so that you can assess whether you should delete some.


Already in use to free up space on iPhone 6 you must find the section that says storage. You will see the global data that have occupied and free and, below, a link to manage storage, you must click.