How to tune the voice to sing well

How to tune the voice to sing well

How I can sing well?, What is the trick ?, why I feel I have a good voice but no sound when I sing in tune? Singing can be easy for people who are born with an innate gift, but there are also people who have a lot of potential in her voice but need learn how to use and get the most out. In both cases, it is important to note that sing in tune is basic if we want our voice sounds good to the ears of anyone and for ourselves. There are voices with a more characteristic than others, deeper voices or water, with a very sweet touch broken or timbre. Whatever your voice in unComo we will explain some tips on how to tune your voice to sing well.

Steps to follow:1

It's fundamental know our voice. By this I mean you should know what kinds of songs you feel more comfortable singing. This is important at first, because if we started singing those songs we like because we noticed that our voice fits the tone and it sounds good, it is very likely to have an indication where you feel comfortable singing voice. Later, you can experience other records and exploit your voice trying to sing tones requiring greater practical and entrenamiento.Así thinking about an artist or a song you like, see if you can sing without overexertion with your voice and see those nuances that more characterize your voice to empower and give it personality.


Find which tones manage to achieve to hear your voice range. This procedure is very simple if you have a piano or you know playing guitar. Starts playing the scale: Do, re, mi, fa, sol, la si..y so on, grown increasingly tone. Repeat with your voice every note and see how you can reach and notes from which your voice starts to sound out of tune. This is an excellent exercise you can do to improve your pitch. You'll make sure your voice sounds the same pitch as the note. If you feel that when you sing along with the note where you are and do not fit the two sounds is that these sounding tune. This will also help be able to sing above a tool, When you sing any song in which there is no attached voice, allowing you to sing the right tone. Do not despair, At first it may be a bit more difficult, but it is going voice training.


Another element base to sing it is the breathing. Singing is not possible without the proper use of the air in our lungs. If when we are singing not properly manage the air, we can not finish sentences or breathlessness cause desafinemos. We must relax your shoulders and do not lift your chest. Take the air through the nose and out through your mouth while we sing. We can do some exercise as: takes air from the nose filling our air diaphragm. The diaphragm is a muscle that lies between the chest and abdomen, so you should feel swells as you inhale air. Then exhale slowly through your mouth pronouncing "s". The objective of this exercise is to learn to breathe for singing. Just remember inhaling through the nose and learn to use the air when you sing. There will be songs that require you a greater breathability, since it must use more air to sing at times or, on the contrary, songs that you require you to go more slowly releasing the air to produce lower sounds.