The best exercises for the upper body

The best exercises for the upper body

The quality of training not just measured by the number of repetitions or weight that is added each day. It has to do with any previous planning should be based on the objectives to be achieved. For the upper body, a routine that incorporates exercises involving the chest, arms, shoulders and abdominals is required.

So if you're looking for the best exercises for the upper body You can incorporate these we offer in unCOMO on your regular schedule so that you achieve the results you want. Here we share a routine that includes exercises for pectoral 3, 3 for arms, shoulders and 3 for 3 for abs.

Clap pushups

On the floor, supporting the body with the toes, palms of hands a little more open than the shoulder width, and ensuring straight line from the head through the spine, slowly lower your body toward the floor by bending your elbows, making sure to keep them at an angle of 45 degrees to your chest. When you touch the floor with your chest, stretching your arms up quickly enough to give a clap or pat on the air before your arms back down to the starting point to repeat the movement.

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inclined push-ups

This exercise looks a bit like the previous, except that here you need a chair or a therapeutic ball to support your upper body with your palms. In this case, it goes slap, just up and down the trunk and shrinking keeping your legs together and tight to prevent the hips down.

Pushups inflected

If the steep bends the torso is elevated in the inflected bends the opposite is true: the feet are going up. The best way to achieve this position is to seek an inclined surface such as a ramp or a ladder in which the torso head towards the lower part of the surface and feet on the highest part. Once the body is aligned as in previous movements (straight body, legs and buttocks tight, separate hands beyond shoulder height) must bending your elbows down and stretching his arms up.

Dumbbell bicep curl

Standing with arms at sides and apart at shoulder height feet, a dumbbell on each side is held and rise to rub shoulders bending your elbows, but not simultaneously. The lower arm, is that will rise on the other. It is important to keep your body straight and abdomen contracted throughout the movement.

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