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Feeding a blackbird

Feeding a blackbird

Common Blackbird or Turdus merula It is a native bird in North Africa, Europe and Asia but today it is widespread in most parts of the world such as South America and Australia. It is a bird pasriforme, ie, a small songbird that lives about 13 years. It is very often seen not only in forests, but also in parks and gardens of large cities. We can distinguish males being completely black with the legs and around the eyes yellow, instead females and calves they are brown.

You have one at home or frequenting some much your garden? Then it is important to know what is feeding these birds and, therefore, we will explain in feeding a blackbird.

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Blackbirds are omnivorous birds, It is feeding both plant and other animals. Mainly eat insects, worms and fruit, but also include seeds in your diet sometimes. As spring and summer is their breeding season need more protein and other nutrients and, therefore, the amount of insects and worms that eat these birds increases considerably. Instead, in autumn and winter feeding it is based more on fruits than in animals.


If the watch is very easy to see them hovering near the ground and jump, why this is so They look for food primarily on the soil surface, They dig a little land and there are small insects and worms. Sometimes they ingest small tadpoles and lizards, but this occurs to a lesser extent.

Also see them in the trees looking for insects and worms that inhabit them, like caterpillars, but when they are in trees or bushes mainly looking for small fruits such as berries, blackberries or cherries, although the type of fruit depends entirely on the area in which they live.


If you want to know how to feed a Blackbird or Turdus merula yourself why you often visit on your terrace or garden, the first thing to remember is that you should place small dishes or Feeders in different parts of the garden so they come and eat on their own, since they remain free birds are not accustomed to contact with humans.

It is also true that if you become a habit to be present while eating the food you provide them and gradually get used to you, it's easy to approach and even come to get some food directly from your hand.


If you happen to have the bird in the house as a pet or why rescued one that fell from the nest, she will eat a lot easier than your own hand. If you want to feed to offer him a baby food with a syringe or something like that and see that she alone is approaching and opens its beak. Let slowly falling into her throat and swallow food itself is not recommended that we try to put ourselves in the craw, since there may be complications with ease.


Food for a chick blackbird must rely more on small animals such as insects and mollusks in fruits but for an adult must specify their diet according to the season, specifically in the breeding season you should give more animals and the rest of the year will be better than you increase vegetables in your diet. This is the food you can offer a blackbird or Turdus merula:

  • Slurries and prepared: These preparations should be special for insectivorous birds, you will find in pet stores
  • live insects: the most suitable are the worms such as caterpillars, earthworms, mealworms, etc. But should you include in the diet flies, mosquitoes, beetles and small snails among others.
  • Fruits: mainly eat berries of black elderberry, privet, mistletoe, blackberries, mulberries, etc. They also eat small fruits like cherries, grapes, figs, among others. Also, if you offer larger pieces of fruit such as apples also they will eat easily.

If you follow these tips you will see that the blackbird will be well fed and healthy and also offer food will help you create a link that will return you to your garden more times can thus enjoy his singing so characteristic and relaxing. If you liked to know feeding a blackbird you may also be useful these articles on how to feed other birds:

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