What are Internet search engines

What are Internet search enginesSource:

Internet search engines: Google

Created in 1997, Google is not just a search engine, today has become a whole industry that offers a huge amount of services and applications in order to achieve the webs best positioned in its competitive ranking. Its influence is so strong that content generators write thinking about their rules and suggestions, while 90% of Internet users worldwide turn to him when looking for information.

Internet search engines: Bing

Bing is a search engine that has a huge support behind, because it is a project company that works with Microsoft Powerset2 system. It presents interesting alternatives allowing users to customize their searches for the way you prefer.

Internet search engines: Yahoo

It was established in 1994 yahoo, (Yes, before Google!), Why for many years it was the market leader, as well as being a search engine was a web service email, an alternative to chat, among others. But eventually she began to be displaced by the current leader, although many people continue to use because it provides fairly accurate results according to the search.