What is the difference between food and food

What is the difference between food and foodSource:


According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) the 'food' adejtivo has two meanings: "Feeding or has the ability to feed"/"Pertaining to foods or food".

Although SAR indicates that one of the meanings of 'food' is "Of or pertaining to food"Also considers most appropriate for this concept the word 'food'. So that, We use 'alimentecio' to refer to the first meaning, foods or products that can be eaten. Example: Add a drop of dye alimentary.



According to the RAE, We use the adjective 'food' when we want to refer to something or pertaining to food or feed himself. So, when we want to talk about something related to food, without wanting to say feeding, use 'food'.


Industry food.

He suffered poisoning food.

Politics food.

Chain food.

You see, it is impossible for an industry, for example, is cataloged as 'food', since you can not eat, and therefore, we say it is 'food'.


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