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How to overcome fear of sleeping alone

How to overcome fear of sleeping alone

It may be hard to believe but, for some adults, sleep is just a complicated thing. He afraid to sleep alone It can cause sleep deprivation and reduce your quality of life. Much of eliminating fear to sleep is just figuring out what you fear first. Perhaps unconsciously you're worried about the dark, or even the "monster closet". If you're afraid of the dark you can make the room as bright as possible without making sleep difficult. UnComo In this article we will give you more tips on how to overcome fear of sleeping alone telling you a series of routines and recommendations will help to rest overnight.

Decide what you want

The first step eliminate the fear of sleeping alone is to find a Ideal habit for sleeping. A few hours before bedtime should make your body and mind relax to eliminate anxiety and fear, for example, you should eat a moderate amount of food, watching the fun TV, read funny books and give you a nice bath . In this article we tell you what to eat to sleep better.

You should also establish a routine to wake, for example, do a light exercise while listening to your favorite songs. Know what you like and what you want can help you establish a good routine. If you are not sure and are disorganized with activities before bedtime are more likely to be afraid to sleep alone.

Do not sleep during the day

If you have trouble sleeping alone at night, you should avoid napping. Struggle to sleep while you are being affected by fear is not something you want. If you feel especially tired during the day you should do something exciting; look no television on the sofa because you could fall asleep easily.

Finish with a little cranky and tired at night is better than being distracted and awake. If you're sleepy and you're tired, you have no extra energy to live with fear.

Go to bed early

When you go to bed early, it is more likely to still hear outside sounds, such as traffic noise and noise from your neighbors talking. These noises will help you realize that you're not alone at all. Go to bed early is also much easier if you feel tired because you have not slept a nap before. For adults affected by fear of sleeping alone, early sleep is a big step for a more pleasant dream.

Be patient

Despite your efforts, the dream can still be difficult to achieve. Can having a bad day or feel some discomfort physical. Perhaps you moved into a new house and you feel like you're sleeping in a strange house. If you've tried everything to sleep better and still can not do it, then you should be more understanding and be patient with yourself. Give yourself enough time to allow stress decreases.

In this article we tell you how unComo sleep better if you're nervous.

Call for backup

Ask some friends to join you weekends. Talk to a friend about your problem and give you advice to help you eliminate fear. You'll feel stronger if you know that someone is supporting you. Some women may also have trouble sleeping alone when their husbands are working on a night shift. If this is the case, ask your spouse how you can help.

Add some music

Some noise helps reduce fear of sleeping alone. While people with insomnia often They listen to music that resembles the sound of nature, in your case, it may be necessary to reproduce the sound of people talking. Turn on the TV, select a channel of 24-hour news and adjusts the volume. You're likely to get bored and fall asleep more easily.

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