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How to grow eyelashes with petroleum jelly

How to grow eyelashes with petroleum jelly

You want to look flanges of heart attack? Therefore notes, because with such a common product, such as Vaseline, you can easily get it. Eyelashes greatly influence the beauty of the face and, above all, enhance the expressiveness of the eyes, so when are thick and dense our attractiveness increases considerably. However, often they are not as heavy or long not like, but for this there is a solution: impregnate them with petroleum jelly daily, something that will certainly contribute to hydration and good growth. Do not miss the tips in this article and discover unComo how to grow lashes with Vaseline, The results are truly amazing!

Why Vaseline is good for eyelashes?

Vaseline It is a viscous petroleum product that has become one of the most used cosmetically due to multiple beneficial properties afforded to skin ointments. As well as lip balm, which is perhaps his most popular and well known cosmetic purposes, petroleum jelly is one of the best products available for the care of eyelashes. Primarily, this is because it offers an excellent moisturization and hydration and a great conditioning, key to hydrate and nourish lashes from root to tip and thus to prevent drying or break easily properties.

After application of Vaseline on eyelashes, yes constantly doing, the result is a denser, dense and thick eyelashes, so it certainly is a good product to stimulate growth and improve its appearance easily. Read on to discover how you should apply.

How to apply Vaseline on eyelashes?

Now that you know how it can help Vaseline on your goal to look a more abundant lashes and stroke, it is important to know all the steps to follow to apply properly and make treatment makes the expected effect. Below, we detail all steps to grow lashes with Vaseline, so take note:

  1. In addition to the Vaseline you can buy in any perfumery, pharmacy or department store, you'll need a cotton of those used for cleaning of the ear, or Mascara brush, ie the brush with which you apply the mascara. If you choose the latter, it is important to clean it well beforehand to remove all traces of paint; a good way is to soak it first in a bowl of warm water and after about 4 or 5 minutes, you remojas bristles with some isopropyl to finish cleaning and disinfecting alcohol.
  2. Next, make sure your face is clean and above all, in your eyes that no traces of makeup. If necessary, wash your face with warm water and soap before starting treatment.
  3. Once you have good clean face, rubs the swab or brush in a generous amount of Vaseline. If you become very compact, you can spread the Vaseline with the help of your finger along the swab or brush so well, the subsequent application is uniform.
  4. Apply Vaseline on eyelashes, sliding the brush swab from the base to the tips of these. The slide, you can make a zigzag motion so that all the tabs are well impregnated product.
  5. After doing on the upper lashes, you can also repeat the process on the lower lashes.

It is important that at the end of the application, Vaseline let sit for a long time. And therefore, it's best you do before you go to sleep and Vaseline act on the tabs overnight. The next morning, wash your face with warm water and soap and presto!