What cosmetics can carry on the plane

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According to regulations, the baggage is billed and travels in the hold of the aircraft can carry all liquids and cosmetics like us, as long as they are within the allowed legality.


The problem is we find the baggage, we can in the cabin. For transporting liquids in the luggage if there are some limitations we can not pass under any circumstances. Both hand bag as checked baggage, be especially careful in taking non-flammable products. To find out if they are, you should look at the back of the product and make sure no indication flammable.


The law stipulates that only can be uploaded to the packaging plane liquid products and cosmetics not exceeding 100ml. This fact must be especially careful since not only does the content but also the packaging itself reference. That is, we can not take a container with 120ml capacity although the content does not exceed 60ml. The container must have a maximum capacity of 100ml.


Some cosmetic products and packaging manufactured following the rules and not others. For those who do not sell special empty containers to carry hand luggage in the plane. The different containers must be in a bag or reclosable transparent neceser (As zip or zipper), about 20x20 centímentros and you can buy on Amazon. Each passenger can carry a maximum 1 liter, adding all the containers with liquid.

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For save on liquid cosmetic products, you can try replacing them. Thus, instead of taking tonic, gel and liquid cleanser cleaner, for example, you can use a single package micellar water or wipes. The samples moisturizers, creams etc., are a perfect choice for short trips. In the case of colonies, many of them already have the capacity stipulated or even less, as in the case of cans 30ml.


For people with contact lenses, the liquid can not be introduced into another container than yours because it has to be fully sterilized. So, in this case, it is advisable to buy a solution for special lenses for travel. It is important to remember that medicines and baby food are excluded from security measures for transporting liquids


As for the makeup products, security policy is the same, containers not exceeding 100ml. Fortunately, most foundations, correction fluids, gloss, etc., do not exceed 50ml. However, an option that can not be ruled out if you are making a short trip is to bring makeup samples. Thus you will save milliliters and you can use them in another product.


The law indicates that bags with containers They must be in control of liquids Airport outside the baggage. Remember that sharp objects such as scissors or tweezers, are totally forbidden. Now that you know what cosmetics you can carry on the plane you can prepare your toiletry bag without problems.

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