Making an energetic and healthy breakfast

Making an energetic and healthy breakfast

At breakfast must eat well and gather energy to face the day in top form. Appropriate power source comes from slowly absorbed carbohydrates found in products such as slices of bread, muesli and the cereal flakes, cookies or cakes made with whole grain and vegetable oils, or pancakes puffed rice. These foods provide valuable fiber and B vitamins Dairy products, preferably fermented products like yogurt or kefir or slices of soft cheese on bread, are good sources of protein as well as bebeda or soy yogurt.

Steps to follow:1

Nuts provisioned quality essential fatty acids, vitamin E, minerals and trace elements very important as zinc and magnesium, which regulate states of sadness. They are also indicated other foods rich in carbohydrates such as figs, bananas, and dates.


Fresh or fresh fruit juice smoothie is essential for its richness in antioxidant vitamins A and C. A very appropriate choice is to take nothing but rise a dose of royal jelly and juice to finish can also add some almonds, a cup of yogurt which can be skimmed and a teaspoon of pure honey. If you are going to do intellectual work in appropriate dress it with individual teaspoons of pollen and lecithin.


Among the mistakes should avoid the main is to skip breakfast or replace it with an exciting drink like coffee. Exciting create unnecessary stress in the body and provide energy of short duration. Later you can produce a momentary drop in blood sugar, and cause an overload in the brain that triggers anxiety, dizziness, loss of care and other symptoms.


Another mistake that should avoid at breakfast It is to overburden with heavy foods and too fatty, slow down and load digestion, and cause feeling of drowsiness.

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