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How Christmas is celebrated in England

How Christmas is celebrated in EnglandSource: Livin'sponge

Family party

Christmas is above all a family holiday, where people gather for dinner at day 25, unlike Spain, where Christmas Eve dinner is more important, one day before Christmas. The traditional menu consists of Roast Turkey Stuffing, with roast potatoes, cranberry sauce and Brussels sprouts. The traditional dessert is the Christmas pudding, made with plums, although there are many others who are also typical of these dates.

Christmas Day is also traditional family attend the various religious services held to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Traditions exported to worldwide

Surely the typical image of a living room decorated sounds like a Christmas tree, below which the gifts will be opened on 25, or an average or sock in the fireplace or in the child's bed, waiting for Santa Claus Let there also present are placed.

Well, all these elements, and some others, such as the Christmas cards come from England and many of them have been adopted worldwide, either directly or through the United States.

Carols and other traditions

The night before Christmas in England is normal to find down the street caroling choirs, ranging from house to house singing. There are also contests of carols and public concerts, such as those held every year in the famous London Trafalgar Square

Another typical English tradition is that of the "crackers", cylinders wrapped in gift paper with two ends, which should pull two people and containing small gifts inside. They were invented by an Englishman Baker in 1846 and it is normal that accompany the Christmas meal.

Boxing Day

Just the day after Christmas in England on Boxing Day is celebrated known or "Boxing Day". During the same is normal conduct donations and gifts for the underprivileged, and traders also often receive their Christmas bonus. That day is traditionally sporting events of all kinds, they celebrate great popularity.

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