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How to whiten teeth with coconut oil

How to whiten teeth with coconut oil

Do you want your teeth look whiter and return to normal tone? If you also want to achieve with natural products and avoid using commercial products with chemicals that may end up damaging your teeth, then we recommend using coconut oil.

This natural product is very popular among those who want to improve their health naturally, as well as those seeking to use vegetables and healthy products for aesthetic purposes. Of course, it is best to make sure that the oil we buy is organic and has not been processed. So, if you want your teeth again be natural and clean, keep reading this article to discover unCOMO how to whiten teeth with coconut oil, What properties does this benefit you and several recipes for using it.

Coconut oil properties for teeth

In the composition of coconut oil We found mostly saturated fats such as lauric acids and myristic, fats monostauradas as oleic acid and polyunsaturated fats such as linoleic acid. We can also highlight vitamins E and K have this vegetable oil.

So, thanks to its composition, this natural product for the care of our mouth gives us mainly antibacterial properties. This large capacity of this product is beneficial for lighten the tone of the teeth because the accumulation of bacteria causes our teeth slowly go dark stains are made until the appearance of unwanted decay. In addition, it has been shown that this product from this tropical fruit is very effective against Streptococcus mutans bacteria one of the bacteria that cause most problems in our mouth and, above all, caries.

It also has a large healing power so it helps us strengthen gums and regenerate damaged areas in the mouth easily and naturally.

Mouthwash with coconut oil

To maximize the antibacterial power of this organic oil is the best way to use it as a mouthwash. The use of vegetable oils as mouthwashes oil pulling is called in English, as it is "Push" this product throughout the mouth so that it reaches all corners of this.

One of the most used oils to treat mouth is precisely the coconut, as it has been shown to help prevent tooth decay very effectively and recover the natural color of teeth. So, if you want to use a natural mouthwash pay attention to the following lines in which we tell how to make this treatment:

  1. First you should brush your teeth and tongue to remove food debris.
  2. Then heated a little pot organic coconut oil in the microwave to pass having a softer or liquid texture.
  3. When it is warm, before be solid again, gets a bit with a large spoon. It is advisable to use half a teaspoon.
  4. Take the indicated amount of this product in your mouth and begins moving throughout the oral, like when using commercial mouthwash cavity.
  5. You must hold between 5 and 15 minutes past the oil and forth from your mouth and making sure it reaches all corners. It is advisable to start for 5 minutes and followed that with the passage of time and practice, you increase the time to get hold 15 minutes.
  6. When you finish spits and wait at least a couple of minutes before rinsing the mouth with water to take away traces of oil if you see necessary.
  7. This product is fit for consumption and, in fact, is commonly used in cooking in various parts of the world. Therefore, do not worry if during this process a little swallow oral hygiene.

Another common Bleaching and strengthen teeth and gums, removing bacteria, is to use homemade soap coconut oil, rubbing a little of the toothbrush every time we go to wash them, like toothpaste, and then rinse well with water.