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How to put patches Trofolastin

How to put patches Trofolastin

Scars are part of everyday life for many people, either by an operation to improve our health or cosmetic surgery operation, the truth is that the vast majority of us have some in our body. There are some who are well escondiditas, however others are in sight of everyone s, especially at this time of summer where the bikini or swimsuit little hide our skin. Trofolastin Scar Reducer is a very effective remedy to improve the status of any scar, both old and new, and is advised by plastic surgeons all patients they operate. They are adherent polyurethane dressing also flatten scars, thus improving their appearance. Trofolastin want to highlight Breast Scar Reducer, which reduces mammary T-shaped scars or those in the nipple, is this delicate area.

Steps to follow:1

When the wound is completely healed and cured is when we use Trofolastin Scar Reducer, 'never before !!


Before applying the dressing in the area scar, it must be completely clean and dry.


Must carefully place dressing over the scar making sure this remains perfectly stuck to the skin. There are different sizes of scars, and so you can cut the dressing adapted to them.