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Many calories are in a tangerine

Many calories are in a tangerine

The tangerine It is one of our favorite citrus and when the time comes its characteristic odor usually invade all, resulting in delicious and refreshing. But although it is a fruit, we all know that these foods also contain sugars and calories in many cases, should not consume excessively. If you want to know how many calories a tangerine keep reading because in this article we explain

Calories in a tangerine

A 100 grams tangerine features 44 calories about being considered a light fruit also it provides an important contribution to our body fluid, resulting great to rehydrate.

Of these 44 calories, 1.9 grams are fiber, carbohydrate 11.2, 0.6 and 0.2 fat proteins. Tangerine is a fruit with 0% cholesterol, with an average glycemic index of 45, should not forget that It contains fructose, a type of natural sugar.

Benefits of mandarins

The tangerines containing a medium glycemic index, however due to its high water content, low fat portion, their few calories and no cholesterol, is considered a perfect light fruit to suppress hunger during a diet.

Another benefits of mandarins worth noting is the contribution of vitamin C and antioxidants, is that when a citrus fruit helps to strengthen the immune system and combating the formation responsible for premature aging of cells and diseases such as cancer free radicals.

In addition tangerine gives us fiber, which helps improve intestinal transit and water to keep properly hydrated, being healthy and ideal for consumption as a dessert or snack alternative.

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