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How to remove refractory period

How to remove refractory period

He refractory period It is known as the rest period you have to spend a man after having an orgasm. This makes most people male gender are not able to have sex multiorgasmos and finish when they finish. Although there is no specific treatment to prevent or decrease this time of recovery, it is true that there are some tricks that can help you make it shorter. In this article we tell unComo deleting the refractory period with useful tips that can easily implement.

Steps to follow:1

In the field of sexology is known as refractory period the time when a man should recover after an orgasm before you can get an erection. When a man ejaculates, the body experiences a feeling of fatigue and therefore must rest before returning again to address the sexual arena. However, this time pause It can be reduced or even, eliminated with specific guidelines that will detail below.


Basic but essential is that to perform in bed You have to be in good health. Therefore, if you've eaten bad, you slept little or not you feel well not be able to control the refractory period. So before you get to have sex it is important to be in good physical condition that will help you make the most of the sexual act.