How to know if my dog ​​is cold

How to know if my dog ​​is cold

Do you think your dog may be cold in winter but do not know how to detect it? There are some obvious signs that your pet is cold, so you should pay attention coldest season and see if your dog needs more heat. Like people, dogs are take extreme care in winter times since the low temperature can cause end up sick. In unComo we give some guidelines on how to tell if your dog is cold, so you can take care as needed.

Steps to follow:1

The first thing to consider is that dogs are animals that are covered by a layer of fat hair and skin, something that works for not passing cold and are protected from low temperatures. But sometimes this coat is insufficient to prevent them from cold and need other care you can provide.

You should also know that not all dogs have the same coat so they are not protected in the same way: the short-haired dogs as would be a Chihuahua, for example, they are barely protected. The small breeds or puppies They are also animals that you should care more emphasis to get your dog is not cold.


But if you want know if your dog is cold just need to get fixated on the behavior of your dog, especially when in the street as it is there, on the outside, where weather conditions are adverse and these animals may suffer colder. The Cold symptoms in dogs They are:

  • tremorsIf you see that when you go out into the street, or when you carry a while, the dog shivers or trembles may be because he is cold. Try to take you to places where there have drafty or shorten your walks.
  • DrowsinessIf you notice that your dog is more tired, sleeping a lot or is numbed it may be because he is cold.
  • slow breathing: It is also another symptom that your dog is cold, if you notice that your breathing slows may have cold so I cover it and cuídale.
  • slow mobility: Otherwise you have to know if your pet is cold is if you see that your movements are increasingly slow, clumsy and it seems that his body is rigid. When a dog is cold, the muscles can stiffen him to try to combat the temperature.
  • Dry Skin: If the area of ​​the nose or skin dryness presents it may be because your body is not tolerated well temperature.

If you notice that you have any of the numb body parts is important that you bring healing giving it a massage and getting well, coming into heat and to circulate blood well. If you see the status of the area does not improve, take it to a veterinarian immediately.