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How to dress like a NIAC

How to dress like a NIAC

Other urban tribes with more presence on the streets are the canis. His style is also associated with a particular musical taste ranging from reggeton through techno-rumba whose precursors were the Camela group, back in the early 90s his clothing It is unmistakable, so you can recognize them quickly. He Cani also receives different names according to their origin.

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If you look at How wears a Cani, the first thing that draws attention is that always go in tracksuit. Cold or hot weather never see shorts. This is a bit shocking, since females tend to abuse the shorts.


Although sometimes they leave their tracksuits closet and dress in jeans ajustaditos (not skinny). It draws attention to always wear short, allowing everyone to appreciate the color of his socks and shoes.


As for footwear, the Cani He never wears shoes. Sneakers and, specifically, spring always accompany them. In this sense they are also totally oblivious to fads. The shoes should be as rough and eye-catching as possible. For girls include platform shoes.


One of the accessories par excellence Cani are the caps. They have them in all colors and use them even when there is no sun.


But if someday not put it, they do not hesitate to show their hair slicked with all his esplender. Normally, canis usually they carry a type of engominadas matted with the shaved side or helmet edge. A worthy hair cherish.


Finally, the star of allowances that accompanies all Cani: Gold jewelry. Of all sizes, types and shapes with a common characteristic, they must be visible to the rest of the world. In mentality Cani, gold is something you should look.

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