Meaning of postures cat

Meaning of postures cat

Sure you have more than once seen your cat with inflated or rolling on the ground tail, these are some typical feline poses denoting a type of emotion or another. In this article we will keep awake unComo the meaning of postures cat so you can understand what you mean your best friend with every body movement. Please note that many factors are involved, from the position of the tail to the ears, so pay attention and start understand your cat.

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When a cat lies with the belly up and / or begins to roll on the ground this means one thing clear: the animal He wants to play. For this reason it is customary in this position, you can make you soft nibbling on hand or start playing with your hair. This position is one of the largest samples of confidence that a cat can make because it is totally helpless but has no fear because he knows you will not do any harm.


When a cat is about to attack, completely changes its position. You leave claws, teeth bared and you cringe. Visibly denotes that are stressed and that his next move will be an attack so if you find a cat in this state, it is best that passes by without approach because it could attack. Signs that may tell you that a cat is thus are as follows:

  • Flat ears and put forward.
  • He will look completely fixed on his enemy.
  • Mustaches will cast them forward.
  • His skin bristled.
  • You have swollen tail.
  • It will make sounds with his mouth while threatening bares his teeth.
  • It will wagging his tail as a sign of preparation before the attack.

When the animal is completely confident and calm, you'll notice that your posture relaxes you and that is when you can find it completely lying on the ground leaning back or one of its sides leaving visible the belly. This position is absolute tranquility and confidence because the animal will not be as alert as at other times.

That's right: not all cats are lying and mean they are willing to be petted her belly. He thinks that if the cat does not know you or live on the street, you may simply be resting but still on alert. If you want to pet him, come slowly and let it sniff you first, you will never be short with a feline might attack because of fear.

If you just rescue a cat that lived on the street, in unComo are some tips so you know take care of a stray cat.