How to make pizza in the pan

How to make pizza in the pan

If you do not have're a fan oven and the pizzas, quiet because you love know that you can cook your favorite dish without using oven. The pan can become your new "oven" and get cooking delicious, crisp and perfect to enjoy all its flavor pizzas. In less than 45 minutes you can prepare this dish Italian root touch giving you prefer and learning to make dough with your own hands. You want to know more? Then read this article unComo in which we tell how to make pizza in the pan.

Steps to make this recipe | 45 minutes1

To start making pizza in the pan the first step we have to do is prepare dough. To do this, mix the yeast with sugar and water until all ingredients in a bowl do so the water does not overflow integrate. When you have it, you have to leave the mixture stand for 15 minutes and you see how, after this time, shown foamy. Next, we add the wheat flour and corn, salt and some olive oil; mixture with an electric rod for a better result.


Then we must form a mass and knead the above mixture with hands, so you will get a higher consistency. When you have the list, you must make a ball with it, cover it with a cloth and let stand 15 minutes.


Meanwhile, we will preparing ingredients to add the pizza. If you want to put vegetables, you'll have to wash them with water and then cut into the size you want. Then you'll have to cook some vegetables so you do not feel raw on the pizza, keep in mind that, by not using oven, cooking food is different so the most recommended is that previously cook in a skillet mid fire.


Then take a little flour on the table where you go to work the dough we have reserved. Catches the ball and knead with a roller ensuring that there is no more extensive than the pan you use to cook it because, otherwise, could be parts of the raw dough.


When you have the dough stretched to your liking, then you'll need to add a layer of tomato sauce, the ingredients chosen and, finally, spread grated cheese and a little oregano for a touch 100% Italian. To making pizza in the pan only you have to take a little oil in the pan and add the pizza, cover and allowed to simmer for about 10 or 15 minutes. And ready!