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How to Treat a white tongue

How to Treat a white tongue

Although there are many causes that can cause have the white tongue, most of the causes are due to the lack of a proper oral hygiene and it can be easily corrected. The white tongue It can also manifest as white spots in the language, a fuzzy white tongue, or fuzzy white coating on the tongue. So in this article we explain in detail unComo how to treat white tongue.

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First, the best thing will be to determine What is the cause which has caused this condition mouth. Thus the white tongue may be due to lack of hygiene as happens in most occasions, but can also be treated to something more serious like oral thrush or tongue cancer. While poor hygiene or oral candidiasis can be corrected, tongue cancer should be treated by an oncologist, so it will be appropriate for a doctor check your mouth for proper diagnosis.

He tobacco It can also be a determining factor to produce the whitish color of the tongue and make it a sign of a stomach or digestive disease. Best suited to treat it is to consult a doctor to determine what may be happening in your body so that your tongue has this appearance.

In unComo we offer more detailed about the causes of white tongue information.


In those cases where there is a deficit or oral hygiene bacteria buildup reason caused the white tongue, be appropriate to use tongue scraper or tongue cleaner twice a day before brushing your teeth. The mode of use of these tools is to start cleaning the back or base of the tongue and move forward. It is appropriate to repeat this process four times to release as much debris from the folds of the tongue.


Also, it will be appropriate brushing teeth regularly, following the usual method, and it is also recommended to brush your tongue. However, you need not apply excessive pressure on your tongue brush just have to do it gently.

Market toothbrushes at the back have a particularly suitable for cleaning the tongue, but also can do with any current brush surface there too.