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How often I can paint my hair

How often I can paint my hair

maintain a healthy hair and care can sometimes be a difficult task. To apply ourselves to change our image dyes or cover gray hair, we are adding to our hair chemical products they can corrode and burn our beautiful hair, as well as to lose brightness. To prevent this from happening and look perfect with a healthy hair dyed but in we bring you some tips and tricks ideals. Learn how often you can paint your hair, follow these guidelines and takes the utmost care while you color your hair without damaging it.

Steps to follow:1

Before entering fully into the often you can paint your Cabellor it is important to understand that if you want to reduce the damage of these products on your hair, it is best to opt for natural hair coloration that allows you to get the tone you want but without exposing your hair to many chemicals.

In addition the color you choose is fundamental. If you dye a similar to your natural hair tone, three to four shades of variation, your hair will suffer less, since you can expect from 6 to 8 weeks (One and a half or two) before re-staining.


Should you choose three to four shades lighter in color than your natural hair, you must teñirte more often. For example, if you pass a brown to blond, as quickly you observe the birth of the dark roots on your golden hair.


To measure dye hair treatments, you should also take into account the gray hair. If you are prone to many, you will have to apply dye more often, but do not need to do all your hair, but simply at the root, especially if you have very dark.


Usually, the ideal frequency to paint your hair It is between 4 to 6 weeks. However, if you do it during this time, you should be evaluating the health and condition of your hair. If you find that dries, it gets sticky, it loses brightness or breaks easily between dye and dye, must leave to spend more time between treatment and treatment before returning to pintártelo.


Each hair is different, so you should watch yours with the first dyes. In many women, hair grows at breakneck speed, so they require each dye 3 weeks, approximately.


Knowing well your hair is the key to knowing what works best, and determine how often you can dye your hair without damaging it too. To minimize damage, we recommend applying dye only in areas that require it, as root, or apply lighting, reflection or small wicks. This trick will avoid always having to dye all the hair and thus help improve the health of your hair.


If you follow the general rule of dye 4 to 6 weeks, following steps will help you keep your hair healthy. Apply a weekly conditioning treatment, so you will help to moisturize and keep it soft and shiny. It is also necessary to use a suitable shampoo for colored hair as they carry less harmful chemicals for your hair. Article How to care for colored hair you can see many more tips to help you keep your hair perfect despite colorations. Watch your hair well and seeks to maintain a colorful and healthy hair. Test it!


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