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What are the best plants for a garden

What are the best plants for a garden

Create a beautiful garden in any space it is easy, provided that you include in it the most essential plants. In terms of aesthetics, care and growth, there are certain types of plants that best fit on a patio or garden. In unComo.com, we want to beautify your home, therefore, in the following article we present the best plants for a garden. Find out what they are looking for those that best suit your climate, choose colors that best suit your style and creates a garden classic, colorful and eclectic. You sign up?

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One of the easiest plants to grow and also give an aesthetic touch to your garden are the joys. Living and different colors of their petals enbellecerán any space. If you're going to plant it in a pot and remember to use a mixed land not opt ​​for special potting soil only. As for irrigation, seeks the soil is always moist and fertilízala once a week to ensure proper growth and development. You can extend this information in our articles:

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Although it takes between 45 and 50 days after planting flowering, the marigolds are also some beautiful plants that will perfectly into your garden. If the plants in early spring you will ensure a space full of color during the summer. It is important that the soil is constantly moist, but not soggy. And remember, when the winter time comes, marigolds protects from frost, lest they die instantly.


Why not give an exotic touch to your garden? The Cactus They are ideal for this plant and also are one of the easiest species to grow, they do not need much care. If you have no experience in the world of gardening and a lot of hand with growing plants, mix different types of cactus is a perfect choice to decorate and give that exotic touch to your garden. To do this, you may be wondering:

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