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How to remove grease stains in the kitchen

How to remove grease stains in the kitchenSource: interdomicilio.comSteps to follow:1

fill a bucket with hot water as a first step to remove grease stains in the kitchen. No need to put to boil in the fire, but it is important to be hot tap to remove water adhering fat well.


use your usual soap, which you use for washing glasses and cutlery, and pouring a jet of the soap in the cube you just filled with water.


Enter a rag in the bucket, preferably smooth texture. Do not forget to always use clean rags to remove grease stains in the kitchen. If you use a dirty rag, what you'll be fat and extend empeorarás results.


With the damp cloth, clean grease stains that have remained in the kitchen. constantly rinsed cloth in warm water to remove grease rag. If you do not, you will stretch even more fat for the rest of the surface. When you see the cloth is fat after being rinsed thoroughly, take another clean cloth and repeat the same task.


Take another rag, moisten only removes water and soap that are left on the surface you just cleaned. Like the previous cloth, rinse repeated times to remove traces of grease and soap attached.


With a clean dry cloth, reviews the surfaces eliminating all traces of dirt and stains that could remain and moisture.


If your kitchen is a special material, as lacquering, do not use other products than mild soap and water. If you use some kind of stronger product, you could scratch surfaces and doors. You must follow cleaning instructions furniture manufacturer.


The home appliances also they require special cleaning. For example, if they are stainless steel, you can use a few drops of ammonia with soap and water. But in any case, it is best to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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