How to download YouTube videos without software

How to download YouTube videos without software

There are several extensions and programs that allow us download videos from Youtube to keep them on our team and watch them without being connected to the Internet or also for archiving. But there is a simple form of power download these videos without any added only your browser. In we explain How to download YouTube videos without software.

Steps to follow:1

The key is Video URL we want to download. In our case, to make the tutorial how to download videos from Youtube without programs we will use article entitled 'Making Christmas 3D Christmas tree'.

We need to select the entire part of the URL that is before the domain name, ie http: // www. including the point.


Delete this part of the url that we have selected and, instead, write twice the letter s, ie 'H.H'And we give the key' Enter '.

You can zoom in to see more clearly what you write.


Then, the browser will take you to the website of site, which will have a preview video and a list of the different formats in which we can Download this video Youtube, without installing any software on our computer.