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How to avoid stretch marks to lose weight

How to avoid stretch marks to lose weight

One of the main causes of appearance of stretch marks in some areas of the body are the sudden changes in weight, which they end up causing tearing of the elastic fibers of the skin resulting in the manifestation of these blanquecinas so unsightly marks. That is why it is essential to protect the health of the skin as you submit to a weight loss plan, and carrying out simple practices in your everyday life you can achieve it and get rid of those extra kilos successfully. Do not miss the tips in this article unComo, we reveal the ideal formula for prevent stretch marks to lose weight.

Steps to follow:1

If you wish preventing stretch marks while losing weight, It is essential that you do not submit to radical diets or plans that ensure thinning or losing weight too abruptly in a short time. This will cause the fibers to provide collagen and elastin to the skin to burst, resulting in stretch marks in some areas of the body, such as thighs, hips, buttocks, breasts, etc. To abate, it is best to adopt a healthy, balanced diet that allows you to lose weight gradually without damaging the fibers of the dermis.


It is therefore also include in your diet foods that help you eliminate toxins and cleanse the body, it is advisable to consume ingredients that are rich in nutrients and most effective ways to protect the good condition of the skin and repair damaged tissues vitamins. See the following articles to find out what foods are those that will help you beautify your skin from inside:

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And no food will influence the appearance of stretch marks to lose weight, another key factor to preventing disease is stay well hydrated daily. Combine your diet with a high consumption of water (2 liters) and other healthy liquids, and your skin will not be as vulnerable to changes in weight. The infusions rich in antioxidants which are favorable to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin they are a great option that you can turn to, among them are green tea, white tea or infusion of rosemary.