How to tell if my cat is cold

How to tell if my cat is cold

The arrival of low temperatures make that we should take steps to keep warm and to make our home is, as far as possible, warm and friendly. However we often wonder how our pets will feel about it, especially the cats that, unlike many breeds of dogs, do not have such an abundant coat. You ask yourself how to tell if your cat is cold? In you clarify this question and act's how to make your pet stays warm and comfortable.

Steps to follow:1

The first thing you should know is that, at low temperatures your cat actually feel colder. And although these animals make a change of hair in autumn to prepare for and withstand the winter races that have a shorter and less dense coat, like the Persian cat, siamese, devon rex or the Sphynx or Sphinx, not have no hair, they feel more strongly low temperatures, so they deserve more care and attention.

Therefore you will notice that your animal tries to take refuge near warm spaces such as radiators, stoves or fireplaces, under blankets you have at home and even in your bed. These signals serve to know that the cat is cold.


In addition to the races with less hair, the kittens and those older than 7 years are more sensitive to temperature changes because they have a less powerful immune system, so you should optimize your care during the winter months to ensure that they are comfortable and healthy. You should pay equal attention to the cats sick, who are also more sensitive to cold.


A good way protect your cat from cold is left at home a couple of comfortable blankets in strategic areas so that your pet can be covered and rest. This is a smart and economical solution to keep the animal warm while you're at home, do not worry your cat know to find them and covered them.

If you have a Sphinx cat or a race with very little hair, it is recommended that you cover his back with a piece of special clothing feline thus be adequately protected and warm.