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How to enjoy sex more with my partner

How to enjoy sex more with my partner

sex It is important within a couple, because it's not just a physical encounter, but also involves emotions fostering an intimate and few between two people now, so it is important to take care of all the details. If you feel that eventually you no longer interested sex and you no longer seem as pleasant as before, we offer some tips to consider for you to get enjoy sex more with your partner

Sex is not an obligation

The first step to fully enjoy sex is to understand the way we see and interact with it. This activity It should not be seen as an obligation to please the other, sex is an encounter, an activity that generates us pleasure, to be enjoyed, if you do not see it that way is important that you analyze that leads you to feel like an obligation, it will be easier to determine what is happening

Mind and imagination

The writer Octavio Paz wisely said: "in every erotic encounter there is an invisible and always active character: imagination". Imagination is important, imagine a different way of putting this erotic encounter with your partner to wear a garment that stimulates the senses, a sex toy that makes blow our mind. Sex should not be seen as rigid and full of rules, it is always an experiment between you and that person, while there get that spirit to enjoy sex more with your partner

Try different positions

If you're a girl and you have difficulty reaching orgasm there positions could help you, encouraging more and getting your private parts more easily you reach the peak of pleasure. The important is that Do not get frustrated and do not focus on this difficulty, as far from help fill you up tension making it harder to enjoy the sexual encounter. If you feel you have a problem do not hesitate to visit a specialist

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Talk about what you like

Do you think the problem is that you always do the same? As with any difficulty, talk is always important, and that includes talking about sex. If there is something you enjoy particularly in bed or if you feel that your partner fails to do exactly that you detonate it is important to serve as a guide, each couple is different and each encounter also, the important thing is that person knows what you like and like getting take you to that point

It stimulates the senses

Sight, touch, smell, all these senses play an important role in the sexual encounter, so it's important to try to stimulate them. An undergarment that you know you like your partner, perfume or the smell that always goes mad on the other, the caress in the right place, these are things that over time can be ignored but it is very important that they are always present, are little details that make you get much enjoy sex with your partner, think about them and use them again as a tool to your advantage

Complex outside the room

Each is physically as it is, with our strengths and weaknesses, and that can not be an impediment to enjoy sex. Love yourself and accept yourself as you are and remember that sensuality is a combination of elements, including attitude, consider premised always try to keep that alive sensuality, without any complex

Play and enjoy unevaluated

Again sex is not just physical, it also involves emotions, so it is important to play with the other, stimulate, provoke, establish an intimate language seduction and enjoy each game as it is without raising too demanding levels. Criticizing your partner in the sexual sphere will be that the meetings are shrinking and less satisfactory

Seek help

If you can not relax, if you can not apply any of these tips, or if you did without results, it is time to seek help and consult a specialist, because the ultimate goal is to return to enjoy sex fully, and only one expert can determine if there is an underlying problem, why not open your mind and let you evaluate issues

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  • Keep alive the flame, use our imagination and never stop experimenting are three important keys when enjoying sex
  • Sex is a bonding moment with your partner, allowing them to create an atmosphere of intimacy and communication, so it is important to address this as any other relationship