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Using prostate stimulators

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If you are curious to know where your point P, you can locate it manually either with your finger or with your partner following the instructions we give you in this video. The area of ​​the prostate is extremely sensitive generating enormous pleasure to man, so the Prostate stimulators it becomes an ideal place for a couple alone or toy.


This type of sex toys should be used for anal, for it is in this way that you can easily access the prostate. They are ideal for men who enjoy the pleasure without taboos or fears so the first key to learning to use a prostate stimulator is open your mind and relax.


Prostate stimulators are toys that do not have a very large diameter, so that penetration does not represent any pain. The curvature of the tip is designed to reach perfection and massaging the prostate wing resulted absolute excitement. Its shape reminds a little female dildos for Point G.

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They are made with soft materials to slide more delicate way. To start should always use prostate stimulators with an intimate lubricant required for more penetrations soft and pleasant. Remember that no lubricates the anus, it must help.


Use the prostate stimulator for penetrate slowly, do not go with force or violence, much less if you are not used. It is important to breathe and relax the muscles throughout the body and also the records, if you're tense decreasing the chances of enjoyment.


Relax and get ready to enjoy. No matter if it's your partner who takes control of prostate stimulator or you do it yourself, the key is that smooth movement, a delicate massage that go becoming more intense as you want it.


With a good lubricant, softness and desire to enjoy, you'll get used to perfection prostate stimulators and achieve pleasure.

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