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Hairstyles with her hair

Hairstyles with her hair

Want to be radiant? Then give a different comb your to be daring an original and very attractively hair touch. Many women love to show off her long hair and, therefore, rarely innovated with look of your hair but the truth is that if you can play with the possibilities of hair can get create different images very sexy and feminine same you. In this article we will discover you unComo some hairstyles with her hair which they are perfect for those girls who want to show off her long hair but giving a different touch to your look. Do you dare to try one?

A braid hairstyle

Braids are more fashionable than ever and it's no wonder! They manage to create a very sweet and romantic image of ourselves with a very easy to do hairstyle and also brings great variations. For example, in the hairstyle you propose in the image first thing you have to do is undulate your hair to make it as big waves curly possible and when you have it, gets a fat one side of your head lock and braid hair.

When you get ready, you only have to raise the braid and pass through the top of your head; He thinks that if you want to be closer to the front, the lock will be right behind the ear. When you have passed the braid, you only have to hold several forks and well to finish setting hairstyle, apply fixative lacquer. And ready!

In unComo we propose other hairstyles braids are also to wear her hair down, so, we invite you to watch our video on how to make a waterfall braid or how to make a braid around the head, you'll love them!


Hairstyles with diadems

Now we will propose another styling her hair which it is famously and which only need a headset that you can put yourself on the hair. It is a perfect idea for a wedding or for an elegant event as it manages to draw a feminine and attractive woman.

The first thing we will be hair curlers, we will not from the same root but begin working from half the hair allowing the head is smooth. We'll have to make marked waves, especially at the tips, to get a hairstyle like you see in the image; If you do not know how to do, we recommend you read our article on hair curlers.

Mane stripe should go to one side ensuring that all crossing our front bangs slightly without covering his face. If you want to keep better bangs can use a fork to get fix for longer. When you get ready, you only have to place the headband and hair left behind will have to volumize to make it look higher.

Apply some hairspray to hold the hairstyle you longer and you're done! You'll be perfect for any event.


Side hairstyles

Another fashion trends that are stronger lately are treading side hairstyles, ie collect all your hair and put it to one side of the face to, well, play with asymmetry and get a sexy and feminine.

So if you do not want to pick hair but want to get a different look, we suggest you try it with the idea that we show below. You see, it is very simple because you have to do is dial the hairline to the opposite side to your art hair; then you have to remove all of the strands to the other side and fastening them with forks to fit snugly fixed.

But to get a sexy as the girl image aspect, we suggest you give unComo much volume to your hair By creating waves and thick hair as well, you will play even more with symmetry making one side is completely naked and the other showing the beauty of your hair. In unComo are some ideas so you know give volume to the hair.