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How to make a costume Frozen Elsa

How to make a costume Frozen ElsaSource: solostocks.comSteps to follow:1

If you want Elsa dress up, the first thing you should know is that there is a simple costume to make it requires some sewing skills and concrete patronaje to create yourself the dress. Know that in most costume stores today you can find this dress and thus to become this Disney princess.

In case you want to tailor it yourself, keep reading because then we show you step by step so you can develop the suit sewing machine. To do this, you need to gather this material:

  • 1 white shirt (basic)
  • 1m or 1.5m organza
  • 50 or 60 cms. satin crepe, satin lining or, for example, for rasete skirt.
  • 40 cms. Sequined Fabric
  • white elastic thread

We indicate the measures vary the height of the girl who wear this costume. Further, you attach patterns you can follow to make this costume.


The first that we have to do make skirt. To do this, we must bend the tissue to skirt half and joining both edges. Sewing machine at a distance of one centimeter from top to bottom along the side that has to be open. Then you'll have to Overlock that side and all around the top. Skirt to look good, you'll have to make a hem machine 1 centimeter or so.

In unComo you discover how to make a princess costume if you want to learn how to tailor it.

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Then we will have to dial Pin the top of the skirt. Stitch passes throughout the fabric skirt that is at a distance of about half a centimeter. You have to fruncirla pulling the pespunte until you get the skirt has the same as the bottom of the white shirt with that we will come together to create the dress.


Then you'll have to join the points you have marked with pins with other corresponding points in the white shirt leaving a centimeter to join them. Une contour and sewing machine for the entire journey remain united skirt with shirt.

Source: vestuario.mercadolibre.cl5

Now you have to measure the contour of the shirt by the arm pit and cut 2 cm seam and about 25 long. Fold the fabric in half and passes a lockstitch sewing machine with; if necessary, remalla that side and top.


Now let's make coat costume Frozen Elsa. You will have to take the organza and having a thread at the top, this will help us to gather fabric and give an appearance of fantasy. Then you have to attach the layer to disguise pins starting from the center and reaching up to the armholes. You have to also attach to the shirt so that the whole suit is perfectly united. Sew everything with the machine to locks.

The fabric from the organza can cut to fit the dress perfectly and is also recommended that things bass for the result to be the ideal.

Source: amazon.es7

To make the costume is the same as that of the princess, you have to put yourself one crown on the head and comb your hair long Side braid; in case you have short hair, you can get a blonde wig as the braid is one of the most characteristic elements of this costume. In unComo you can see a video where you see how to make Frozen Elsa hairstyle.


Makeup must be, too, I modeled the character. You will have to paint your eye shadow pink or light purple and, if you can, put a little purpurin for a halo fantasy. Also paint them pink lips and apply a little pink blush on the cheeks. UnComo In this video we show you step by step how Elsa Frozen makeup.

For footwear, it is best to opt for a ballerinas white or blue and fill them with glitter. You'll be spectacular!

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