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How to remove mold from the washer

How to remove mold from the washer

One of the most frequent problems housecleaning is mold. Moisture is embedded in the most unexpected areas of the home, including the washing machine. Learning how to remove mildew stains is not as difficult and less with the advice that we give you as not only end up with the unpleasant musty smell, but also put away the unsightly mildew stains on your washing machine both inside the outer rubber. In we tell how to remove mildew stains from your washing machine.

Steps to follow:1

With the passage of time is very natural that mildew to build up in the joint gum and gives like dry your cap often because that musty smell and the black spots will not disappear just like that. It is very common that the washer is a victim of mold as it is in constant contact with moisture; and if not removed, it is when mold appears and also its unpleasant odor, you also run the risk of being transferred to the clothes during washing.

To remove these marks definitively need some instructions that will serve to extend the life of your washing machine. Once you remove it is important to follow some guidelines to keep coming back.


For remove mold washer you will need to:

  • Vinegar
  • Bleach
  • A diffuser spray
  • Soft cloth
  • gloves

To begin this task you must run a wash cycle with bleach and hot water. You must use an appropriate amount to the size of your machine for a load. If you could not use bleach (because the maintenance of the machine you forbid), you can use vinegar.


Then, put rubber gloves to work. You must mix one part bleach with four water and placed in a spray diffuser, use this spray bottle and clean all areas of the gasket rubber inaccessible. Ensures that the spray mixture between all grooves in which there mold and mildew as it is here that often accumulate.

If the stains are very tough, let cleaning solution sit for a few minutes before cleaning. After resting time, you should rinse spraying with clean water and finally passes a clean cloth over the entire surface.


To keep your washing free of mold you will have to repeat this process once a month. Remember that you can replace the vinegar bleach as the continued use of bleach is usually not recommended because it can cause accelerated wear rubber door. But for extreme and isolated cases, you can use it.

The key to your washer does not accumulate moisture is always keep dry, so mold growth is prevented and will not need to constantly wipe it. For the board is dry, the best you can do is remove wet clothes immediately after the wash cycle is complete.


Once serves clean clothes, dry well gum. It's a good idea to leave the door slightly open for air to flow and be unlikely to finish forming mold. If your washing machine is in an area with high humidity and poor ventilation, it is convenient to put near a dehumidifier for a while.

Besides making possible because the washer is always very dry, certain detergents and softeners favoring mold growth. If your problem is recurring, try changing product.


Finally, for removing mold from the washer You can buy specific cleaners for cleaning the front door because they are very effective to remove soap scum which accumulate and foster the emergence of mold.

UnComo in this article are some tips so you know clean the washer as it is essential to have it in good condition so you can be 100% clean clothes.

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