How to make couscous in the microwave

How to make couscous in the microwave

He couscous or couscous It is a traditional food of Moroccan cuisine consisting of a kind of grains of semolina wheat very small usually served accompanied by meat or vegetables. However, there are many possibilities and can combine couscous with sauces, spices, fish and all those ingredients that we like. In the following article unComo we give the keys to a preparation much simpler and fast food with you will not have to use pots and pans, you only have to avail yourself of the microwave. Pay attention and discover the steps to make couscous in the microwave.

Steps to make this recipe | 15 minutes1

Tradition is preparing couscous in couscoussier or vaporera call, which can be replaced by a conventional pan or saucepan if it is not available and with a sieve to prepare for example steam. However, there is still a much simpler and faster way to prepare couscous and this is cooking it in the microwave, and in just a few minutes you will have ready this delicious food to taste.


The first thing you must do to preparing couscous microwaved It is to take a glass container which is deep enough microwaveable and add 2 glasses of mineral water with a pinch of salt and a little oil extra virgin olive. Insert the container in a microwave until the water starts to boil.


Once the water boils, it is time to remove the container add cups couscous so that this softens and acquires the right texture. Remove the couscous with the help of a wooden spoon and let stand for at least 3 or 4 minutes.