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Where to buy moss for Bethlehem

Where to buy moss for Bethlehem

Moss is a staple to make your Bethlehem. Floor serves torque set the manger and the figures, gives a rustic and natural image, and also its smell (if it natural) is very characteristic and pleasant. Which is used is similar to Java moss, most suitable for peceras.Si want to buy some to bring it home, we tell you where to find it. Basically if you live in big cities it will be easier, and the closer Christmas, the better.

Buy Store

There are shops where you can buy your moss, either superstores gardening or other smaller specialized. For example, in Madrid: Silvosa, Basque Country or Barcelona: Moss-sphaig. Finally, in Cartagena, you will find the Botanical garden center. O Reptilmanía (only Barcelona). Madrid's Plaza Mayor is also a great place to consider for purchase the moss, the downside is that is very expensive and little is given. If you have time, better compare prices. In oriental bazaars they are perhaps too, but usually very fragile and sometimes artificial.

Buy online

There are well-known sites, such as eBay, where you can find it at different prices and different types. Remember that offers interesting payment options and you can either bid or pay a set price with "Buy it already". Also, free market also has its moss section. And if you want free shipping, also looks Carnívorasland.

Once you have it, we recommend

Moss, like all plants, is a living being. Should not make the process "Use and throw", if not try to recycle as much as possible. And with simple techniques can aprovecharlo.Simplemente, save it from newsprint or recycling (the more the better organic) and insulate it in a bag without putting anything on top in a cool but dry place. Nap well sealed You not have odor problems or bugs. The next year, rocíale water with a spray and again it has almost all its characteristic humidity. Thus you will save and save the planet consuming new one.

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