How to harden the abdomen

How to harden the abdomen

Localized exercises that work directly on abdominal muscles It is the best way to get a hard abdomen. In addition, proper nutrition can help you remove fat from the area, reducing soft tissue; Thus, the ideal formula is a balanced combination of exercise and diet. In we offer some tips on How to harden the abdomen.

Steps to follow:1

First of all, you should analyze a analysis of your diet to see if it is the most conducive for a strong musculature. In this sense, high fat foods should be reduced and, instead, should opt for those that are more rich in fiber and protein. We recommend you read this article that you can get a lot of information on the most favorable diet to have healthy muscles.


The other flank you must attack to tighten the abdomen is the physical exercise. There are many activities you can do to strengthen your abs. In this article we will propose a series of exercises located in the area but it is recommended that your physical activity is more global and you work the muscles of the body in general.


The abdominal hipopresivos They are very suitable for tighten the abdomen. To achieve them, you have to combine a deep breath with the contraction of the abdominal muscles. You must handle well the technique in order to become effective. We suggest you read this article where we explain in detail how to do crunches hipopresivos. Works such abdominal for 5 minutes.


It is also recommended to perform the classic abdominal. You must be careful to adopt a correct posture not to hurt back. Put on a mat on the floor face up and flexes the legs. While stretching back in a natural position, unstressed.

Now, Put your hands behind your neck and incorporates the upper third of the back. Already you have the starting point. Now make the upper abdominal force moving the trunk forward with constant and rapid movements. Do 2 sets of 15 abs.


It is also important to work the side crunches. In the same mat, face up, hands behind his head, now you have to make a combined movement of arms and legs to achieve these muscles work.

What you have to do is bring the right to opposite knee, then left elbow to your right knee elbow, left; basically doing abdominal strength. In the picture accompanying this text you can see clearly how it has to be the execution of the exercise. Do 2 sets of 15 repetitions.