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How to dye hair with coffee

How to dye hair with coffee

If you want darken your hair and get it to look much brighter but without resorting to aggressive colorations, the coffee You can help achieve. This stimulating natural ingredient works as a good natural remedy to enhance the color of brown and brown hair and make them look more vibrant and beautiful. You only have to use it as if it were a hair rinse to achieve the desired effect; read this article and follow the steps to dye your hair with coffee.

Steps to follow:1

Dye her hair with coffee It is an aesthetic task that works and gives good results brown hair or brown, since these they can achieve a darker tone and get in the long run, a more beautiful and shiny appearance. On the contrary, blond hair will not be favored if what is sought is to obtain a lighter shade that enhances its golden color and reflexes, should put in some practice of the treatments that we show in the article How clarify the hair naturally.


He coffee It is a natural product that, unlike commercial colorations, will not damage your hair and therefore you can use it more regularly to darken your hair and enhance its color making it look much prettier. The treatment is very simple, the first thing to do is prepare two cups of coffee with strong coffee that you usually use. When ready, you must wait for it to cool completely; It is important that you do not add sugar or any other ingredients.


Hair coloring with coffee and get the desired effect, you should use this product as a hair rinse. So first, you must wash your hair using your shampoo as you normally would and just after the last rinse, put your head upside down and pours coffee for your hair maintaining a container under the coffee to stay there collected is falling. When you're done, repeat this process two more times for darkening hair more intense.


Massage the hair evenly so that coffee penetrate well in all areas (scalp, means and ends) and let stand for about 30 minutes. After that, you just have to rinse thoroughly and wash your hair again with shampoo not forget to apply a good conditioner to keep well hydrated.


Can dye your hair with coffee once a month or if you want to see results more quickly, once a week. Besides contributing to the hair a darker color, coffee is an ideal place to leave it shiny, soft and with a much more vivid tone natural ingredient. So do not wait to try this homemade hair treatment as soon as possible! In the following article we show in detail what all Coffee benefits for hair and what treatments can do to take advantage of their properties.


Coffee is not only excellent to darken hair without the need to use dyes or color baths, it is also a great ally for the skin care and which you can be prepared many homemade beauty treatments. It is known for being good to exfoliate the skin, combat cellulite or orange peel, remove dark circles and fight aging dermis. If you want to know how you can use it for all these tasks, see the article Beauty tips with coffee.

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