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Sharpen beard

Sharpen beard

The beard is a sign of exclusive identity of the men. Some decide to do without it, while others decide to incorporate it into your look. However, within the group of bearded men, we can also differentiate between those watching their beards As an important element of its image, and other men who merely let it grow. While it is true that to get a lush facial hair must be left to grow, it is important to know how to take care beard during this process. Whether you are thinking of having a long beard as if you just want to boast but a short trimmed beard in unComo.com we explain Sharpen beard, a key part in their care.

Steps to follow:1

In the process fix beard We are part of profiling. This gives our appearance much more refined image and can really make the difference between a perfect or unfinished beard. Some people forget this step when shaving and maybe realize that there is something not just be well on your face. This is precisely the need to trim the beard and know how.

This step is to shape and more marked and defined appearance. The difference between a trimmed beard and another that can not be seen quickly, and after learning how to trim his beard yourself will be aware of the difference.


First, we must know what we should outline parts are. we usually focus on defining two lines: The cheeks and neck. If you do not have much beard cheeks maybe you do not need to shape this part of your face, but anyway, so we will explain in this article. However, the neckline you should always cut, and is probably posed more problems when profile it.

These are the tools you need to shape your beard:

  • Mirror.
  • electric razor.
  • Razor blade.
  • Shaving foam.
  • After shave.