How to spell decision or decision

How to spell decision or decision

Write well without making misspellings is critical when submitting texts or major newsrooms. However, it is common for us to raise doubts about what is the correct way to write certain terms, especially when we pronounce words differently than they are written. This happens more frequently, for example in terms containing the sound of the 'c' and 's', pay attention to this article unComo in which we show how to spell decision or decision.


If we look for the term 'decision' in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), we note that itself is registered and is a feminine noun that is used to refer to:

  • "Determination, resolution is taken or given in a dubious thing".
  • "Grit"


  • I have taken the decision leave this job and find a new one.
  • Susana is clear what their decision and he tells us tomorrow afternoon.

* desicion

Conversely, when introducing the term 'Decision' in the dictionary, check immediately that is not collected in it and therefore is an incorrect word that should not be used under any circumstances.

Thus, we conclude that the correct way is to write 'decision' with 'c' rather than 'decision' with 's'.

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