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How to remove the bitter cucumber

How to remove the bitter cucumber

He bitter taste of cucumber You can ruin a meal that has this fruit as an ingredient. Bitterness usually concentrated in the stem end cucumber and may be the result of fertilization, temperature, irrigation and plant space. It is very rare that this flavor is in the deepest parts of cucumber, the most common is that it is in the greenest areas under the skin. In we tell how to remove the bitter cucumber and so never spoil any of your delicious dishes.

Steps to follow:1

One of the best methods for remove the bitter taste of cucumber It is then that we will. You must first peel the cucumber with a sharp knife and slicing the skin to the end of the stem; stop when you peel about 3 centimeters of the stem. When this plant Peles you must do it at the end of cucumber deep way because it is the area where the intense bitterness is concentrated.

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Once you have peeled cucumber well reaching areas where the bitter taste is concentrated, rinse well knife with cold water so that there is no other flavor. Now you must take the vegetables and peel back starting from the apical region and reaching the end of the stem to finish completely peel the cucumber. Again you must clean the knife used to remove any sour taste that you may have.